Corporate Identification Number

What is Corporate Identification Number (CIN)?

CIN stands for Corporate Identification Number. At the time of the incorporation, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) allots unique number to every company, known as Corporate identification number (CIN) of that company. The Power to allot Corporate identification number (CIN) lies […]

Compliance chart for the Companies regarding ROC filing

Every year, Company has to file multiple forms with Ministry to comply with the mandatory statutory requirements as specified under the Act. The Compliance chart for the companies regarding ROC filing below provides a brief view of the Forms along […]

Government Support Schemes To Fight COVID-19 – Across The Globe

Government Support Schemes To Fight COVID-19 – Across The Globe

The influence of COVID-19 on employees, employers and businesses is persistently evolving – from supply chain disruption to order cancellations; from sick pay calculation to changing tax and accounting deadlines.  Government issued various Support Schemes to Fight COVID-19 – Across […]

MCA allows relaxation of holding AGM against Covid-19

MCA allows relaxation for holding AGM against Covid-19

In a massive relief to the Companies, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) via general circular No. 18/2020 allows relaxation for holding Annual General Meeting (AGM) to fight against COVID-19 to the Companies whose financial year ended on December 2019. […]

LLP Settlement Scheme, 2020

The Government had noticed that large number of LLPs have defaulted in filing various forms and in complying with the statutory requirements. An additional fees of Rs.100 per day till the day default continues is payable along with the regular […]