What is required to be filed?

Filing of Annual Financial Statements in XBRL mode

iXBRL instance document is required to be prepared as per CIPC Taxonomy. The CIPC taxonomy’s scope main focus is on covering the reporting requirements of domestic entities as prescribed by Companies Act, No. 71 of 2008. Apart from the SA-specific requirements, the IFRS taxonomy (as on 31 March 2016) has been incorporated.

Minimum tagging will comprise of individual tagging of all applicable facts of the Primary Financial Statements (PFSs) and a set of disclosures/explanatory notes as listed below. All Accounting Policies, Directors Reports, Directors Responsibility Statements, Independent 4 Auditors/Reviewers Reports, Company Secretary Reports, Corporate Governance Reports, and Notes other than listed below, are allowed to be block tagged only, meaning the full text thereof can be tagged as single text blocks to the first relevant text block of the specific report.

  • Statement of financial position, current/non-current;
  • Statement of financial position, order of liquidity;
  • Statement of comprehensive income, profit or loss, by function of expense;
  • Statement of comprehensive income, profit or loss, by nature of expense;
  • Statement of comprehensive income, OCI components presented before tax;
  • Statement of comprehensive income, OCI components presented net of tax;
  • Statement of cash flows, direct method;
  • Statement of cash flows, indirect method;
  • Statement of changes in equity;
  • Statement of changes in net assets available for benefits
  • Notes – Sub-classifications of assets, liabilities and equities
  • Notes – Analysis of income and expense

Only 61 Existence Assertion data elements will be mandatory. Other data elements part of the minimum tagging requirements should be tagged where applicable to a specific company.

Apart from above, there are various other details/documents which are required for XBRL filing. Please fill up the Contact form so that we can send you the complete checklist for XBRL filing.

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