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XBRL Experts offers a full-service for all of your company’s XBRL conversion service and filing needs. We provide compliance with the most current CIPC requirements. Our hands-on approach to client service means that there is no software to buy, staff to train or maintenance to worry about.

XBRL Experts will work for you and with you, saving thousands of man hours associated with XBRL conversion and service throughout each Fiscal Year.

XBRL Experts offers flat-rate fee pricing which is available for all companies. There are no hourly fees or hidden charges. Our vision in this industry allows us to give you exactly what you need and what you pay for, not for extra service.

We can help you to avoid exorbitant fees based on printing. XBRL is not a printed item, and need to be handled by experts in the electronic data industry. Each company is distinctive in its own filing needs, and customization is exactly what we provide.

We are determined to provide you with the best CIPC filing and XBRL tagging services possible. We are a company whose employees take pride in their work. Our clients are based on loyalty and primarily acquired by referrals from other satisfied customers. Our work is superior and speaks for itself!

We invite you to discover how XBRL Experts can assist you with all of your XBRL conversion service and filing needs.

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